Menu bars are in almost every website. Drop Down Menu is a good navigation. Mostly hover or clickable drop downs are used. We can make our website look professional as well as improve the content layout and design by using drop downs. For readability also, we can use drop downs because it free up the sidebar space.

Let’s see how can we make a drop-down list using HTML & CSS. For better understanding I will guide you step by step.

Step 1: Create HTML & CSS files

Step 2: Create a navigation bar using basics of HTML

Step 3: Adding…

“Turtle” is a feature like a drawing board. We can give commands to the created turtle to draw what we want. For that, there are four(4) steps to follow.

  1. Import the turtle module.
  2. Create a turtle to control.
  3. Draw around using the turtle methods.
  4. Run turtle.done().

Step 1: Import the turtle module.

“turtle” library should be imported to make use “turtle” methods to control our turtle.

import turtle    #import the turtles library

Step 2:Create a turtle to control.

After importing this library we should create a new drawing board/screen and a turtle. When creating a drawing board, we can assign a title and background color.(Here, I have used RGB color code)


Nimasha Madhushani

Undergraduate | UOM

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